Sharon L. Alpert
President and CEO
Independent Trustee
Bob Bancroft
Vice President, Finance
Rouane Bayor
Office Manager
Elizabeth Méndez Berry
Director, Voice, Creativity and Culture
Valerie Boucard
Program Associate
Laura Campos
Director, Corporate and Political Accountability
Nealon DeVore
Chief of Staff
Board Liaison
Janet Disla
Senior Grants Manager
Lavastian Glenn
Director, Racial and Economic Justice
Rachel Fagiano
Program Associate
Shelly Harper
Vice President, Administration
Teneil Luces
Human Resources Assistant
Isaac Luria
Director, Voice, Creativity and Culture
Taina McField
Program Officer, Fellowship
Charlie Piper
Special Assistant
Kyle Robertazzi
Finance Assistant
Danielle Deane-Ryan
Director, Inclusive Clean Economy
Samita Sinha
Candice Wynter
Communications Associate