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Action Center on Race and the Economy Institute

Racial and Economic JusticeGeneral Support$100,000 over 12 Months2018

We support the Action Center on Race and the Economy’s efforts to dismantle structural racism, win wealth and resources for communities of color and working-class communities, and shift the balance of power from Wall Street to communities.

Alianza Nacional de Campesinas

Racial and Economic JusticeGeneral Support$100,000 over 12 Months2018

We support Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, whose mission is to promote women farm workers’ leadership in a national movement to create broader visibility and advocate for workplace and cultural changes that ensure their human rights.

Alliance for Israel’s Future

IsraelProject$82,900 over 7 Months2018

We support a strategic two-day retreat for 30 leading Israeli and American young progressive leaders to create and strengthen ties for mutual empowerment as they struggle for change in their respective countries.

Alliance for Justice

Field BuildingGeneral Support$100,000 over 12 Months2018

We support of Alliance for Justice to advance democracy and justice throughout the country by empowering organizations and individuals to advocate for their priorities and access a fair justice system.

Allied Media Projects

Voice, Creativity, and CultureGeneral Support$190,000 over 12 Months2018

We support Allied Media Projects (AMP) to convene and nurture a network of media, art, technology, education, and social justice activists — enabling and brokering art and social justice collaborations around the country. We also support AMP to host a project to support the Critical Minded network of cultural critics of color.

Anti-Defamation League

Voice, Creativity, and CultureProject$150,000 over 18 Months2017

We support the Anti-Defamation League to continue its work to combat antisemitism, racism, and hate in all forms.

As You Sow

Corporate and Political ResponsibilityProject$5,000 over 12 Months2018

We support As You Sow’s Proxy Preview 2019, the 15th edition of a report designed to increase overall awareness of active ownership strategies and empower shareholders to address some of the disconnects between their investments and their values.

Asian American Writers’ Workshop

Voice, Creativity, and Cultu