Faith Matters Network: Rooted in Resilience Mapping Project

Mapping the expanding horizons where social justice, spiritual practice, and healing meet

The Rooted in Resilience Mapping Project is an attempt to capture one view of the significant and expanding body of work being done to integrate personal and collective transformation, spiritual practice, and healing, within frameworks for social change. The question of how communities can best equip and ready themselves for both the challenges they face today, and the looming threats of ecological and economic rupture in the years ahead is a serious one that we are discovering requires our attention and our resources.

By providing this view of how individuals, organizations and entire movements are imagining and drawing on lineages of spiritual sustainability or holistic care to resist well and achieve freedom and justice for all of us, Rooted in Resilience seeks to emphasize how important the work of transformation, spiritual engagement, and healing is, highlight the questions and challenges practitioners are themselves facing, and make the case for why and how we can invest in the roles and resources needed.

This project is made possible with support from the Nathan Cummings Foundation.