The Nathan Cummings Foundation



“The state of Israel will be open to the immigration of Jews from all countries of their dispersion; will promote the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants; will be based on the precepts of liberty, justice and peace taught by the Hebrew Prophets; will uphold the full social and political equality of all its citizens, without distinction of race, creed or sex; will guarantee full freedom of conscience, worship, education and culture; will safeguard the sanctity and inviolability of the shrines and Holy Places of all religions; and will dedicate itself to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.” From Israel’s Declaration of Independence, 1948

Our foundation, deeply rooted in Jewish values, considers grant-making in Israel an integral part of our work. From our founder’s early commitment to a nascent state, we have always invested in Israel. Today, many of our trustees have a deep connection to Israel, and several of our trustees call it home.

Our work aims to build support for a just society that lives in peace with its neighbors. We proudly support grantees who seek to shape an Israel “based on the precepts of liberty, justice and peace taught by the Hebrew Prophets [and] will uphold the full social and political equality of all its citizens,” as Israel’s own founders envisioned.

We believe that Israel’s future as a democratic state that is a homeland of the Jewish people is contingent on realizing its founding vision and to finding a just, lasting resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Our support for Israel’s security is intimately tied to our belief that the security of the State will be advanced through both an inclusive shared society and peace between Israel and all of her neighbors, including and especially the Palestinian people.

NCF supports work in Israel that:

  • Strengthens the value of shared society 
  • Promotes religious pluralism
  • Advances the rights of women, minorities and immigrants
  • Identifies key agents of change toward a more equal society
  • Amplifies cultural, artistic, religious and spiritual traditions that nurture empathy and understanding 
  • Builds an Israel that is just, democratic, pluralistic, secure, at peace with its neighbors, and a homeland for the Jewish people
  • Addresses NCF’s two core challenges – inequality and climate change – in order to advance a healthy, sustainable, and just society

Presently, NCF is not accepting any LOIs or proposals regarding our Israel-related funding as we are in a learning and strategy development phase.