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The Solutions Project




Focus Areas: Inclusive Clean Economy & Voice, Creativity and Culture

The Solutions Project (TSP) seeks to accelerate the transition to 100% clean, renewable energy for all people and all purposes. TSP advances this vision through engaging the public, celebrating progress, convening leaders and advancing partnerships and policies that set the world on a path toward 100% renewable energy.

TSP believes that implementing 100% renewable energy across all sectors of the U.S. economy is already technologically possible, but is primarily impeded by political barriers and a lack of widespread understanding of effective existing solutions. TSP relies on a sophisticated media strategy with national reach to develop inspired content, amplify stories, and create opportunities to invest in, celebrate and activate leadership across the country.

With the support of The Nathan Cummings Foundation, TSP will focus its work in three core areas: narrative change, investments and network building. TSP will shift narratives on renewable energy by aligning messaging and story frameworks across all its grantees and partners. The group will work with its partners to secure regular media attention for local solutions, consumer adoption pathways and policies that remove barriers to affordable clean energy. In addition to its rapid response grantee support, TSP also plans to launch a network of NGOs to make priority investments, and co-create and deploy field-wide tools in research, communications and skill-building trainings.