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Pop Culture Collaborative



Focus Area: Voice, Creativity and Culture

The Pop Culture Collaborative, supported by The Nathan Cummings Foundation in collaboration with several peer foundations, is a new, creative approach to shifting dominant narratives about racial equity, criminal justice, immigration and economic justice.

Building on grantee partners’ efforts and findings from NCF’s commissioned #PopJustice report series, the Pop Culture Collaborative works to build relationships between the entertainment industry (primarily TV, film, music, comedy and sports), social justice organizations and philanthropy. This program seeks to achieve pop culture narrative change, with an emphasis on intersectionality with social justice issues and movements, including racial and ethnic equity, criminal justice, immigration and refugee policies that reflect the humanity of all people, economic justice, gender equity and LGBTQ equity.

Over the next year, with The Nathan Cummings Foundation’s support, the Pop Culture Collaborative’s founding partners will structure the fund, hire staff to run it, design programs, conduct outreach to the entertainment industry and engage peer donors and philanthropic organizations.